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Sweet Hour of Prayer

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By Taylor Child

“Sweet Hour of Prayer” — original illustration with the rich symbolism of my journey of faith.


Prints: All prints are made on an archival, fine art matte, giclée paper with a high-quality fine art finish which helps keep the artwork untarnished from sun rays and time decay. The image goes to the edge of the paper unless otherwise requested with customer service.

Canvases: All canvases come stretched, gallery wrapped, on a .75 inch width frame and are ready to hang on the wall. The art will be mirror wrapped to preserve the front perspective of the piece. Please contact our customer service team if you would like to request a rolled canvas instead of a stretched canvas.

A message from the artist: 

My hometown Stake President shared his conversion story in 2017 and said, "Before I actually received the message, God was preparing me to receive the message. I would drive in my car and think about Jesus Christ for no reason and I didn't understand it until it happened."

This painting is completely representative of the early roots of how God was preparing me to receive the message. This painting represents the beginning of my faith and conversion story.

I grew up in a non-religious family in the trailer parks of Chubbuck, Idaho. I have three early memories (before the age of five) of how God was preparing me to receive the message. First I remember, an elderly lady, Archie, taking me to a Christian church with her and singing, “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine… let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.” Second, I had a Precious Moments prayer doll that when squeezed would say a simple prayer, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to Lord my soul to keep. May Angels watch me through the night and keep me in their blessed sight, Amen." And lastly, I remember swinging on our creaking swing-set on warm summer days, looking up at the sky seeing little pillars of light coming through the clouds. My sister and I always thought that God must be having a meeting with the angels; when the clouds would part, their meeting was adjourned and it was time for the angels to get to work! When it rained I thought the angels were crying and on those dark starry nights, I remember thinking every star represented an angel “watching us through the night and keeping us in their blessed sight”. These three memories were the beginning of my faith. The foundation on which my seed was planted. They were the preparation for the word.