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You Are Worth It

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By Taylor Child

A beautifully modern calligraphy print reading “I am worth it” several times.


Prints: All prints are made on an archival, fine art matte, giclée paper with a high-quality fine art finish which helps keep the artwork untarnished from sun rays and time decay. The image goes to the edge of the paper unless otherwise requested with customer service.

Canvases: All canvases come stretched, gallery wrapped, on a .75 inch width frame and are ready to hang on the wall. The art will be mirror wrapped to preserve the front perspective of the piece. Please contact our customer service team if you would like to request a rolled canvas instead of a stretched canvas.

A message from the artist: 

you. are. worth. it.

100% worth it. all of it.

Your worth goes beyond comprehension. you have divine potential that you may never understand in the flesh.

"Perhaps the most important things for us to see clearly are who God is and who we really are—sons and daughters of heavenly parents, with a “divine nature and eternal destiny.” Ask God to reveal these truths to you, along with how He feels about you. The more you understand your true identity and purpose, soul-deep, the more it will influence everything in your life."

"Jesus Christ sees people deeply. He sees individuals, their needs, and who they can become. Where others saw fishermen, sinners, or publicans, Jesus saw disciples; where others saw a man possessed by devils, Jesus looked past the outward distress, acknowledged the man, and healed him."

- Sister Michelle Craig's talk from October General Conference. "Eyes To See". Click here to read the talk.