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Nicole Daniels

Like most, I started out doodling within the margins of homework and school notes. I would skip recess all through elementary and middle school and spend time in the library sketching and tracing as a creative outlet, and reading all the “How To Draw” books I could get my hands on.

I took the occasional photography, art medium, and design classes but I never had the notion that I could pursue such a passion. Makes no sense that my brain then turned to music as the next logical life long career!

After graduating with a degree is Music and Liberal Arts I had time to dive back in to fine arts. My husband encouraged me to grow confident in expanding upon and sharing my own artistic abilities, so I soon after started my instagram page with the intention simply to share what my progress looked like. From there, outside interest began to grow, starting with small with digital family portraits, family cards, OC art, and other custom commissions. But I had no niche, and it was exhausting! I needed to find something that I really enjoyed above the rest and could get lost doing for hours…

Over the past 2 years, with much practice and experimentation, I’ve come to LOVE the medium of watercolor and how beautifully it sits on the page. This is now my main creative outlet! The community that has come with it has been outstanding and life changing and I can’t wait to grow even more with you all.

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