Affiliate Welcome

1. Welcome

Welcome to the Affiliate Program! We're excited to have you on board as a valued influencer. Our mission is to fill homes with artwork that embodies Christian values, inspiring faith and fostering a sense of community. You were invited because we believe in your ability to excel in this role. Together, let's spread art and inspiration across social media! 🎨🙏

2. Tips on Sharing Consistently:

📌 Consistency is Key: Share your personal experiences with our artwork, whether it's in your own home or your favorite pieces from our website.

📅 Posting Frequency: We recommend posting at least once a month to keep your followers engaged and reminded of our art.

🖼️ Showcase Variety: Talk about different pieces of artwork in alternate posts. Share the stories behind them and how they resonate with you.

💰 Promote Savings: Don't miss the Labor Day and upcoming Black Friday sales. Encourage your followers to use your unique links to make purchases and save!

📧 Email List: Promote our email list and earn on those campaigns too. Your influence can truly make a difference!

👀 Story Tags: Tag us in your story content so we can repost and share your enthusiasm with our community.

🔗 Use Links & Hashtags: Encourage followers to use your links and hashtags to maximize savings and enhance your potential earnings.

3. Content Ideas:

  • Home Decor Showcase: Feature artwork from our store in your home environment.

  • Favorite Picks: Share your personal favorite pieces from our website and why they resonate with you.

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Show how you choose and incorporate artwork into your living space.

  • Artwork Close-Ups: Display the intricate details and quality of our pieces up close.

  • Sale Announcements: Spread the word about the Labor Day and Black Friday sales.

  • Email List Promotion: Share the benefits of joining our email list and how it helps your followers stay informed (work with Bekka before doing this). 

  • Art Storytelling: Share the story and inspiration behind each artwork you feature.

  • Unboxing and Setup: Document the process of receiving and setting up a new piece of artwork.

  • Community Engagement: Encourage followers to share their own experiences with our artwork using your links and hashtags.

Visual Assets: Provide high-quality images and videos showcasing your artwork collection, including shots of art in different settings and close-up shots to emphasize details.