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Custom Artwork Submissions

Our mission is to offer tailored artistic experiences that align with your visions. Here's our approach to ensuring that you receive a custom piece that speaks directly to your heart:


1. Request:

Customers can submit a personalized artwork request detailing their requirements. This includes choosing from our list of available artists (see below), giving a detailed explanation of the art request, specifying if they want the original or a print, and deciding on the rights for further sales of the artwork.


2. Review and Acceptance:

Once we receive your request, we will review it with the chosen artist. Depending on the feasibility, complexity, and the artist's comfort level, we will either accept or decline the request.


3. Pricing:

The cost of custom artworks is determined based on the intricacy of the project, estimated time taken, and size. Remember, custom pieces generally have a premium over regular artwork. Shipping is included in the initial price.


4. Production Timeline:

Upon acceptance, the artist will provide a completion timeline, ensuring you know when to expect your artwork. For most projects, this ranges between 2-3 weeks.


5. Progress Updates:

To keep you in the loop and ensure that the artwork aligns with your vision, the artist will share a progress image about halfway through. This is your opportunity to provide feedback and potentially steer the direction of the artwork.


6. Completion and Shipping:

Once the artwork is completed, it will be shipped to your address. You have the option to receive the original or a print, as specified in your request.


Key Points to Remember:

  • The customer's chance to influence the artwork is during the halfway feedback point. Post-completion, the order cannot be canceled.
  • Any unexpected costs during the creation process are managed by the artist.
  • No refunds are offered for custom artworks.
  • After-sales support, including care instructions, will be provided to help you maintain the piece's beauty and longevity.


Unless a different agreement is specified, the artist retains the rights to the artwork. This means that the artist has the prerogative to sell copies of the piece through Jesus is the Christ Prints.


Commissionable Artists: 

  • Ashley Johnson
  • Brooke Hall
  • Caylee Murdock
  • Koby Butler
  • Lacey Christenson
  • Lena Phillips
  • Michelle Weeks
  • Miles Anderson
  • Nicole Daniels
  • Paige Tilley
  • Scott Sligting
  • Sky Lee
  • Tausha Shumann


Thank you for choosing us for your custom artwork needs. We promise a journey of collaboration, creativity, and complete satisfaction!

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Benefits of Custom Artwork

Custom artwork allows you to own a unique piece tailored to your personal taste and vision, ensuring that your space reflects individuality and evokes personal sentiments, unlike any mass-produced piece could. Additionally, it offers an intimate connection between the artist and you, transforming the art piece into a deeply personal narrative rather than just décor.