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Love this print

I saw this on Instagram. I showed my toddler the photo thinking he’d point out Jesus. But he said “mom, those are angels with Jesus!” My heart. We lost our second baby during pregnancy and I thought of our little one and the little ones of my friends at home with Jesus. I love this print in our babies’ room.

Lamb of God
Tayler Tudsbury

Such a beautiful and simple photo!

An Honest Heart
Audrey Knaphus

One of of my favorite pieces of art in my home. My family loves it, too!


Love this picture so much❤️

Love Without End
Linda Hill

I Love the picture I will definitely buy another ..

I Will Send Angels
Ramona Maloy
Placing in our Relief Society room.

On mother's day our Relief Society teacher talked about each of us having a heavy backpack that we carry every day and how we as sisters in the ward and neighborhood can help each other with our backpacks and I thought of this picture. I have always loved it and wish I could afford to but each sister one of the small prints but thought this would be a good alternative. Thank you to the beautiful artists you feature on this website. I will continue to share this link with others.

Encircled in His Love
Robin Henicksman
Love it

I love this piece. It sit above my desk and see it everyday.

Fear Not
Mindy Hymas

Fear Not

Come What May
Wendy Garrett

I love this print so much!!!

Very Happy

We got the print as a wedding gift from the store. We are very happy with the print. It looks great in our home.

An Honest Heart
Chris Jones
Very Let Down - Follow up

As a follow up, we were offered to choose a complementary print. We chose the Peter Walking On Water one and absolutely love it. Thank you for turning our experience with Jesus the Christ Prints around!

I Will Send Angels
Ariana Price
Love this print

When j saw this picture I knew I needed it in my life. Life is so heavy some days. As a working mom of 4 I struggle daily. Nothing is easy on our own and I know that. And this has been a wonderful reminder that I get to see each day. My angles are there daily helping me and lifting me up, helping me with my burdens. Thank you for this beautiful piece of art.

An Honest Heart
Chris Jones
Very Let Down

We ordered this print & specifically paid the extra fee to get it in time to hang in our home for our wedding. We were having the wedding luncheon at our home & wanted that as the center point. We were told that it would be here by the 9th of June. We got married on the 10th without the print here. It didn’t come until the 13th when we were on our honeymoon. When we got home we found it broken & a big crease through the print. We waited for you to send a new one. It was very frustrating & we will choose elsewhere next time. Our wedding was a big day & the picture was very important to us.

Hi Chris,

I'm very sorry to hear you had a poor experience. Thank you for helping us understand. We will take your feedback and strive to be better.

Gentle Shepherd
Denise Burger

Gentle Shepherd

Love it!!!

I love the unique design of it!!! You guys rock!!

Hold on to Me
DaNae Sutton

I love this picture and what it represents! Thank you for the fast and safe delivery of this print that I look at everyday!

I Am
Lourdes Chevez

I love it

Perfect. We all need the Savior’s comfort - daily!

It’s beautiful! The girl reminds me of a younger me and lets me know the Savior is always there for me.

At His Feet
Beverly Cravath

Love the content of the print but disappointed in quality. For $17 I expected something nicer than what I could have printed out at home. Requested a refund but haven't heard back.

Hi Beverly,
I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed with the quality. I've looked all over for your return request email, but I haven't been able to find it yet. You can email me personally at and I'd be happy to help you process your return. This is the first time I've heard of someone being disappointed with the quality, so I'd also like to make sure you received the correct product. I look forward to hearing from you and making this right.

Master Gardener
Diane Cluff

I love, lovel love the print. It's so beautiful, fresh and looks great in my living room.

Be Thou Humble
Grace Williams
Beautiful print

I’ve received so many compliments on this print in my home. It’s unlike any other christ print I’ve seen. It’s beautiful.

Peace I Leave with You

The box arrived with a puncture on each side and a footprint right in the middle of it. We thought for sure we'd have to send it back, but it was packaged inside well enough that it didn't show any damage. We love it above our fireplace!

Women of the Bible
Rebekah Naylor
Beautiful Art

I love that you highlight the women in scripture. Although in the Old Testament her name is spelled Rebekah not Rebecca. I was named after her and I’ve always loved the scriptural spelling.

Just beautiful!

I received my canvas print of "If I May but Touch His Garment" this morning and I am so pleased! I love this New Testament story and this work of art beautifully and uniquely depicts that moment with the Savior. I feel the Spirit whenever I look at it. It's just what I wanted and I thank you!

Women of the Bible
Vicky Hammond
Very artful and inspiring!

I appreciate the wonderful artwork and inspiring thoughts!