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Broken and Beautiful

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By Lacey Christensen

A stirring and powerful painting of a sorrowful woman being comforted by angels all around her. 



Prints: All prints are made on an archival, fine art matte, giclée paper with a high-quality fine art finish which helps keep the artwork untarnished from sun rays and time decay. The image goes to the edge of the paper unless otherwise requested with customer service.

Canvases: All canvases come stretched, gallery wrapped, on a .75 inch width frame and are ready to hang on the wall. The art will be mirror wrapped to preserve the front perspective of the piece. Please contact our customer service team if you would like to request a rolled canvas instead of a stretched canvas.

FRAMING: The frame and the mat are built around the size print you choose. For example, if you choose an 8x10 print, the frame and/or mat will be built around the 8x10 print. If you choose a mat, the frame will be larger than if you don't choose a mat. The frames come with an installed wire and the equipment to hang the frame. 


A message from the artist: 

I remember the time I worked endlessly on this piece. I felt broken and so alone. But then I saw this image perfectly in my mind. I worked and worked till I saw it before my eyes. While I worked I understood a solid message that’s now staying with me through thick and thin.

I remember the space & span of time, and then the pain. Oh, the pain. More real than the image in my mind. You know.. just one of those times you felt helplessly alone. Time frozen. You can’t get out, it’s to thick. The dark is a darker place than the deadest night. This pain was lasting longer than you could physically mentally emotionally or spiritually endure.. -truly, some pain is to painful to describe in humanly words.

It was hours, even days later, weeks, months...years. . . but finally, all at once a beautiful calm flood of paralyzing realization came, you made it. There was no way. You know it. No way of denying it. Not, alone. It’s in these moments where peace and light is shed upon me where I know, with all I am, that I am not alone, no never. Some way somehow.. I look back and see this beautiful girl that gracefully made it, each and every time. Each time, I learned things with my heart that my eyes couldn’t see.

You know how we repeatedly hear, or maybe it’s just in my thoughts, Heavenly Father never gives us anything in life we aren’t strong enough to make it through? When I plead with all the energy in my heart mind soul and being for him to take away my bitter cup... this is the image that comes to mind. I know he sends my family on the other side of the veil, I know he sends angels. I know, I am never, alone. It’s so beautiful.

Customer Reviews

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Connie Fenley

Broken and Beautiful

Adrien Costello

An amazing print.

Maygan cope
So Lovely!

This painting is so beautiful! It conveys so many emotions at once, and I feel so much peace and assurance just looking at it. The message from the artist touched me the most, I printed it and have it in a separate frame next to the painting. Thank you!

Breanna McConaghie
Broken and Beautiful

This print is breathtaking! I was so excited when I received it in the mail.

Simple but profound!!

Love these prints!!!